What the bible says about God 

The Bible describes God as:


    God doesn’t live in a particular place, separate from his creation, but is everywhere in it.

    Absolutely powerful
    Even though the world has evil things in it, God can and will bring about justice.

    Knowing everything
    When you pray, it is to a God who understands every thought.

    Beyond space and time
    God is eternal and doesn’t rely on anything else in order to exist.

    Even when circumstances look terrible, goodness will have the upper hand.

    God is set apart in awesome perfection, but he is also utterly loving.

    Utterly loving
    Although you would expect God to be unapproachable because of his holiness, he is immensely tender toward human beings.      Knowing him is an entirely wonderful experience, bringing a sense of being loved, blessed and sustained through life.

    Way above gender and language
    However you try to describe God (including using the words he or she), the truth is even greater.

    Beginning to reign on earth
    We don't just spend our time in this life trying to win a passage to a kingdom that is elsewhere - we are called to build that     kingdom in this world and this time, through practising mercy, promoting justice and walking humbly with God

Richard Crossland, 25/06/2019