Support All Saints 

We are delighted that you are joining us for worship, for support, and to explore. We hope you will want to support our work and ministry as a church by giving - as a one-off or, even better, regularly.



During the Coronavirus Lockdown we are not making cash collections in church or at Ducklings or other times of gathering. We aren't earning wedding fees, and we aren't running our normal barbecues, concerts, open days and other fundraising events. 

Please think of giving to All Saints if you are:

  • A church regular who normally gives cash

  • A recent newcomer who hasn't yet joined our Giving Scheme

  • Someone who has been joining us for the first time online

  • Anyone who wants to help our worship, nurture and support

Choose how to give regularly

Best Regular way....Parish Giving Scheme

The most efficient way to make regular payments to All Saints.
Click here to find out more,  email our Treasurer, or call the Scheme to sign up on 0333 002 1271 discuss it. Quote All Saints Nettleham Parish and our Registration Number 210621333. It is totally safe and very easy for us.

Donate immediately....All Saints Online

Making a payment here will give your donation to the church's general fund for mission and ministry. 



Thanks for your support.

Giving a significant share of your income is part of being a Christian Disciple. You can set up a regular donation by either of the above methods.

If you pray, and we hope most of you do, put yourself in God's hands and listen to God. Some people try to give 10%, others 5%. 

However much it is, you will be expressing your solidarity with our worship - to worship is to return to God the first fruits of all we have received, gratefully and in love.