Be a regular giver 

If you worship at All Saints you will probably want to support our work and ministry through your giving. Scroll to the bottom to make a gift right now.


Others may wish us well in our ministry and want to help us to serve God more effectively in Nettleham by contributing to our costs.

How do we use our regular giving?

The money we give to the church helps us to:
  • Keep our wonderful church and our new Parish Centre open and active
  • Pay our share of the Lincoln Diocese's cost for clergy stipends, housing, training and pensions
  • Pay the costs of our worship, teaching, mission, outreach and church activities - we're one of the most active churches in Lincolnshire
  • Support social action and care here and afar
Being a busy, varied and vibrant church has costs attached, and there is a lot more we'd love to do if we had more resources.

Why be a regular giver?

We ask people to give regularly and generously to the church to enable us to do what we believe God is calling us to do, and also because giving - even sacrificial giving - is a function and a sign of being a disciple of Christ. It doesn't buy God's generosity - that comes free! But it is the only worthy response to the generosity we have received.

Committing to regular giving is a natural thing for each of us to do as  Christians. It also means All Saints can plan its activities and its commitments with more certainty of what we have to work with.

How much to give

Regular giving is sometimes called Stewardship - using our own resources lovingly to support God's church, the growth of the Kingdom and those with less than we have.

How much to give? Some Christians try to base this on 'tithing' - literally giving a tenth. The Church of England suggests at least 5% of your income after tax.

The best thing is to consider prayerfully how much you can give, compare your giving to the church with what you spend on other things and think about what that says, and make a private commitment to God. Jesus commends the small gift of the poor widow above the larger but affordable gift of the rich person.

Choose how to give regularly

There are three ways to be a regular giver - we strongly recommend the Parish Giving Scheme - it is easy, it is safe, it costs us nothing and it is now used by over half the dioceses in England and Wales. If you'd like to have more information about the Parish Giving Scheme, contact our treasurer who will let you have materials and answer your questions. Nearly half our regular givers now use the scheme.

Or give online immediately. Click below to make a gift towards our mission and ministry today. One-off or monthly.

Making a payment here will give your donation to the church's general fund for mission and ministry. If you just want to support the work on the tower and the Tower Top To Bottom Project, click here.

Thanks for your support.