Healing and wholeness 

The need for healing is everywhere, and it is strongly felt, as it was in the world of Jesus's own ministry. Medicine is much more sophisticated that in 1st Century Palestine, and becomes more potent every day, but this doesn't in any way lessen the need we have for christian healing. For receiving the generous and restoring touch of Jesus Christ through a minister or a friend. For being part of an earnest and loving circle of prayer and support for our own or another's wellbeing. 

Christian healing isn't a replacement for medicine, and it isn't just another alternative therapy. It isn't, either, the last resort when all else has failed, though it can be very powerful in those circumstances.  It places our individual and collective health, wholeness and wellbeing in the context of God's love shown through Jesus, and it emphasises the joined up nature of how we are - physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Will you be cured if we pray for your healing?  Definitely yes, sometimes, if that is God's will.  Frustratingly and confusingly no, sometimes, if God has other plans. It certainly isn't magic. The most certain thing, and almost everyone who has experienced this ministry says this, is that it places our wellness and our suffering in the hand of God, close to the loving heart of Jesus Christ.

Healing at All Saints

Healing ministry is a big part of what we offer at All Saints. It isn't for everyone, though when we have introduced prayer for healing into our Sunday Parish Eucharist, the majority of those present have participated, and, they would attest, benefited from it.

Prayer for healing is offered in many different ways. A period of intense private and public prayer, with uplifting words and music is one way. Prayer with laying on of hands is another, and we can both receive and give this healing. Anointing with holy oils blessed by our Bishop is another way, and this is offered by a priest, as it connects healing with forgiveness. Lighting a candle, either in public worship or in a personal visit to the church, is another. Praying for others - our friends in church or Our Lady or another saint - to pray for us to God through Jesus Christ is another way. General prayer, laying on of hands and anointing with oil are what we mostly do in our services.

Prayer list
Do ask to be included on our prayer list. In fact, we have two - a private one that ministers use in their private prayer and devotion, and a public one. These names are included in the Weekly Prayer sheet in Good News For Nettleham and on this website, and are offered regularly in Eucharists and Morning and Evening Prayer. Send your request via the Parish Office, or speak to one of the clergy or to Jean Gledhill.

Prayer board
Do place the name of someone (it may be yourself) that you wan to pray for, on a paper square which you will find by our candle stand in church. Make a prayer yourself as you do it. We offer all the prayers that are left with us. You can either just put a name, or say what healing you would specifically like us to pray for.

Quiet service and services of healing and wholeness
We hold a service on the first Sunday of every month, in church, at 4.00pm, when we offer simple prayer and meditate quietly on scripture.  Many people find this service to be a time of peace and healing.  We also offer a healing service on the third Sunday of the month when we  offer laying on of hands and anointing. A regular group has this as a very important part of their christian life, and you will be made very welcome, respecting your privacy and the sensitivity of the concerns you may be bringing to the church and to Jesus Christ.

healing 2


Whatever your needs, we are here for you. Our clergy and other members of the ministry team will pray for you, visit at home or in hospital, and give you advice about healing and God's love for you. We can direct you to more specialist ministries if you feel you need them, including counselling and deliverance.

Be well.  Be whole.  In Jesus Christ.