A church for you 


A church in which you can receive the miracle of the loving, forgiving and transforming presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, with varied music to suit your tastes, beautiful but relaxed ceremony and great teaching. A church which offers you all that Jesus promised to those that turn to him and meet him in the breaking of the bread and the prayers.

A church in which you will be welcome, young or old, single, couple or family, outgoing or quiet, sure in your faith or uncertain and a bit sceptical. A church in which you can meet people and make friends. A church in which you can be yourself, however God made you. A church in which you can get stuck in and involved or take it a bit at a time.


A church in which you will be cared for if you need it, or in which you can be part of our caring for others, both in the church and in the wider community. A church in which we are committed to sharing the healing, restoring, feeding, caring work begun by Jesus Christ - a work handed to his family today. A church in which you will be challenged to work for justice in the world.

A church in which you can share with others in learning about Christian faith, tackling the big issues about life today, forming your own opinions and so deepening your discipleship. A church in which children can learn, families can discover together, in which older people can get their brains working. A church which expects and respects open minds. A church which really studies the bible, and lots of other things as well. A church which takes nothing for granted, except that God loves us and expects us to love in return.