About All Saints 

On this new website you can find out how to join in our worship, how to seek the support of the church when you need it, and how to offer your own support during this period, especially now when we have challenging building issues.

We love to welcome you, old or young, just embarking on your journey of faith or a seasoned traveller, a sinner or a saint, straight or gay, single or part of a large family. We are all made in God's image, and we can be certain from all that Jesus Christ showed us, that God loves us all.

We centre our Christian life around a pattern of regular prayer, around meeting as often as possible at the Lord's table where he promised always to be for us, around generosity to all, especially those in need, and around the task, as part of Christ's new creation, of making the world the place and the people God intended it to be, starting with Nettleham and the area north of Lincoln. You can get stuck in with as much as you like of our busy church life, or slide in and out with just an affirming smile.

All Saints is an Anglican church, in the Deanery of Lawres and the Diocese of Lincoln. Everyone who lives in the parish or chooses to come here to worship has the right to be baptised into the faith, married, blessed, forgiven, buried, or looked after by our pastoral team.