Pastoral care

Pastoral care 

Jesus told his disciples - feed my sheep. In John's Gospel, Chapter 21, Verse 17, Peter, who was to become the first leader of the Christian Church, was pushed an pressed by Jesus as to whether he really loved him. When Peter became really emphatic that he did, Jesus said to him - then feed my sheep. It is in caring for others that we as christians believe we show our love for Jesus Christ.

Our Anglo Catholic tradition at All Saints is rooted in a discipline of prayer, use of the sacraments, and a passionate desire to love and serve Jesus Christ. So caring for others, seeking justice, binding up the damaged, is central to what we are as a church.

All Saints has an exceptional team of more than a dozen lay members who have prayerfully decided that part of their vocation is to help others, have been trained and authorised as Lay Ministers, and who work as a team to offer support to those that need it. Not just support for members of the church, but for everyone and anyone from our community. The team, led by Jean Gledhill, meets regularly to plan their work, to share experience and to ground all tat they do in prayer and reflection on God's mission.

Most of the work they do is visiting. They offer support to those who are unable to get out or about, either permanently or whilst recovering from an illness or some other problem. Some of them take Holy Communion to the sick and housebound - a great blessing if the sacrament has been a big part of your life. Mostly, we offer support, friendship, a listening ear. Loneliness is a great scourge, even in a village as sociable as Nettleham.

Often they get involved in greater problems. Bereavement is an experience in which a listening ear can be immensely helpful. People who are facing financial, personal or social issues receive our help. We don't offer professional counselling or legal advice, but we can help people to access such services. We can help organise transport, be an era voice getting proper care packages in place, even be a bit of a go-between for distant or estranged relatives. All those we help are not old, though that is a big part of our work. Single parents, people with minor mental health issues, people with housing challenges, people with debt problems - they come in all ages and types. 

Getting help

If you would like someone from All Saints to help you or someone you know, contact Jean Gledhill via the Parish Office.


If you think God might be calling you to work for our community n this way, have a chat with the ministry team, or Jean Gledhill.