Our Parish Centre gives us a huge amount of opportunity to offer activities and hospitality to young people.

Are you in Years 7-13 or thereabouts?  Do you live in Nettleham or nearby villages?  Would you like to do some interesting, fun, maybe challenging things loosely in connection with All Saints?

Are you curious about some of the claims of christianity? Are you anxious, or even angry, about some of the stuff that is going on in the world that we sometimes feel powerless to change? Do you think there are ways in which the world could be a better place, if only.....?

How about meeting in the new Parish Centre, which is warm, modern and relaxed, and has great coffee and soon to be legendary snacks? We hope you will make this the place you come to share your thoughts, learn about how others are dealing with things, and maybe start changing the world! Watch the calendar - we are hoping to be open one evening a week just for you.

Film club
We are planning a few evenings at the Parish Centre when we show a longer film - just for fun and a bit of mental stimulation, not necessarily anything religious. We will publicise these. We are getting a great screen, and it should provide a sociable, welcoming place to watch a film with friends, meet new people, and have an evening out right here in the village. We hope to have a few outings as well!

Youth Emmaus
If you know a bit about the christian church - maybe you came to All Saints when you were younger - you might want to keep in touch with that and look at it again from an older perspective. We are planning a course which involves videos, great learning materials, really interesting ways of using what we read in the bible, to get us thinking. Only sign up if that is what you want to do, but really have a think about what it might mean for you going forward. 

Getting involved
You might want to get involved in other ways. If you are a musician, we are developing a worship band and music group - let us know. If you want a useful role in the main activities and worship of the church, there is a lot you can do - talk to us. If you want to help us develop in areas of new media, and perhaps even to start making videos for wider use - we are up for it. You probably know a lot more about this sort of stuff than we do! And remember - it is your church. It doesn't have to stay the same.