Our School Partners 

We have great schools in and around Nettleham, and we work with them and their pupils and staff on a variety of levels.

Our closest partnership is with Nettleham Church of England Junior School.

This is a large (240 children) Junior School in the village. Many of our congregation are pupils there or have been in the past. We are delighted that it has such a strong Christian ethos, that nearly half its pupils come from the parish and that it is really enthusiastic about its relationship with All Saints.

Here are a few of the ways we work with the Junior School:

  • Half the governors (including the Rector) are from or nominated by All Saints
  • One of our ministers, Revd. Judy, dedicates one day every week to work with the schools.
  • One of our congregation is nominated as the official Bishop's Visitor
  • Many of the parents are from All Saints
  • We welcome the whole school between 3 and 5 times a term for worship in All Saints
  • Most of the children involved in All Saints have come to us through the school relationship
  • We undertake joint creative projects at least every year
  • Our Rector and other ministers lead Collective Worship at the school on a very regular basis
  • All the children and their parents know the ministry team well and stop in the street to chat
  • We regularly input to curriculum RE work, both in school and using the church
  • Our Educational Trust Fund makes substantial grants to the school each year

And we are working on even more exciting plans, including musical and artistic projects.

To find more about the school, look at their website by clicking here.