All Saints' Approach 

Christians have a variety of understandings of the faith, and there certainly is no one set of beliefs that everyone at All Saints would claim or defend. Some churches make the niceties of belief a kind of manifesto or a set of tests as to whether you are OK or not.

All Saints Nettleham comes from a christian tradition that tries to keep the core understanding as basic and simple as possible. 

  • A loving creator God,
  • a self-sacrificing, example-setting, death-defying human and divine Jesus,
  • a powerful and transforming Spirit.
  • A church empowered to bring God's grace to people today though sacraments, especially Baptism and Communion.
  • A bible which is the best story of God's relationship with the world that we've got but not an instruction book.
  • A need to listen to God and become modern disciples of Christ.
  • Rebirth into a new relationship with God which isn't a "get out of jail free" card and  which comes with a hefty job description for repairing God's world.
  • A list of ways we can be forgiven and healed rather than a list of dos and don'ts.
  • An ability to go beyond death that we cannot understand until we get there.
  • An understanding of Jesus returning, more to claim kingship of a transformed world than to judge and condemn.
  • A message that God created us in God's own image. All of us.

It is really easy to get hung up on the detail. As a church we love doing theology. But theology is not an abstract science. Like physics and chemistry, it is about trying to make sense of what we experience.

We have this uncanny feeling of the presence of Jesus Christ when we share communion. Theology asks "how can that be?", "what does it mean?". And if you or I feel it differently, theology's job is to explain that too, not to tell us we are wrong.

    There is only one God, although he can be encountered in three different ways – Father, Son and Spirit.

Richard Crossland, 25/06/2019