Dropping in 

All Saints is open every day for prayer and meditation, or just for a moment or two of peace and quiet. 

Loads of people just drop in. People seeking that feeling you get of being closer to God. People remembering loved ones. People praying for themselves or for others. People of other Christian traditions doing their own devotional thing. People wanting to leave a prayer on our prayer board for us to offer to God for them. People wanting to find out more.

It is your church. Come in and use it. God is here - make yourself at home.

This gorgeous, holy and very special building, right at the heart of a great village, is there for everyone to use. Obviously, if there is a service on, you can't just wander about - come to the service! We usually put an A-Board outside the door if there is a service happening. We have to be a bit stricter for obvious reasons when we are doing things with young children, as we take safety really seriously.

Otherwise, it is your church. Centuries of prayer have made it a holy place. A place where heaven sometimes feels quite a bit closer. 

If you are just wanting a look, you are welcome. We have a variety of leaflets and guidebooks.

If you want to rest, think, meditate, pray even, then this is a great place to do it. Loads of people drop in for that - we call them our third congregation. If you just want to let the atmosphere inspire you, sit or kneel where you like.

We keep the bread and wine from the last Eucharist safely locked away at the front of the South Aisle - there's a light on to show it is there. We believe that, according to Jesus's promises, we meet the Lord in the bread and wine we have blessed and broken in faith. You may find that helps you to pray.

We have two great icons, images that are made to inspire prayer. We have a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, so you might want to join your prayers to God through Jesus Christ along with hers. 

You'll find prayer cards in church, bibles and other books - do use them.

You'll see little noteless on which you can place requests for prayer - we read them and offer them to God.

Basically, just drop in. It is your church as well as ours. And of course, God's.