Women's ministry 

All Saints offers specific ministry to women of all ages. Mostly we work together, men and women sharing learning and experience.
However, we recognise that there are times when women and men may be more comfortable discussing, doing, praying about and tackling certain things with just women or just men.
Here are some of the ministries at All Saints just for women.

Ladies who lunch

One of our newest initiatives and already a roaring success. Women of all ages from the church (and others if you'd like to go along) choose a destination for a lunch party. Over 20 went to one in July at the Cross Keys in Stow - an excellent and recently refurbished restaurant/pub. The idea is to have fun, build friendships and share ideas. There is no specifically religious agenda and no talks. Watch the church diary for forthcoming events - you have to book. Or speak to Lynne Combes.

Nettleham Church Women's Fellowship

The Church Women's Fellowship attracts members from other churches in Nettleham and Christian women who live in the village but worship elsewhere. It has been a part of Nettleham life for many years and has a large and enthusiastic membership. It meets in the Old School at 2.15pm  on the first Monday of the month. There is usually a visiting speaker - a variety of religious, historic, artistic and general interest topics are covered. Again, watch the church diary for details of programme.

All Saints Young Mothers Group

We have a new group, meeting in homes, for women who share the excitement and the challenge of bringing up small children. If you would like to go along (and qualify!), speak with Nikki Salt on

Knit and Natter Group

You don't, of course, have to be a woman to knit! However, at the present time our keen Knitters and Natterers are. They meet at various locations, share patterns, wool, skills and friendship, and there is a dimension of prayer, and of making things for church charities. Contact Shirley Keys if you are interested

Mothers' Union

It is years since All Saints had a Mothers' Union. As a national organisation it is much renewed and fully purposed for the 21st century. We would love to create a branch at All Saints and would love to hear from anyone willing to get involved with launching something - there is outside help available. To see what the Mothers' Union does, visit their website by clicking here.