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Mission and Vision

All Saints is here to:

  • be a faithful church, living and growing as disciples of Jesus Christ 
  • offer the sacraments given by Christ to his church, through his bishops, priests and deacons
  • offer worship and music which is creative, attractive and brings us closer to God
  • be a faithful and lively house and family of prayer, praise, teaching, love and care
  • respond actively, radically and generously to issues and needs at home and abroad
  • bring more people to a love of God through a knowledge of Jesus Christ
  • serve the people of Nettleham and to be a spiritual resource for those from further afield

We seek to be a witnessing church by:

  • being open every day for prayer, peace and closeness to God
  • welcoming all into our family without judgement or discrimination
  • offering diverse styles of worship
  • being a respected and loved community and building at the heart of the village
  • performing acts of service and generosity
  • being prepared to tell people why we do what we do
  • having faith in Jesus Christ at the heart of everything we are and everything we do


We seek to be a growing church, so:

  • we offer Morning and Evening Prayer daily
  • we offer the Eucharist during the week, for a variety of mission purposes
  • we offer Sunday worship for all, designed to appeal to different people:
    • a quiet Said Eucharist
    • a Parish Eucharist with rich liturgy and music
    • quieter, contemplative services, sometimes with healing 
  • we run activities and events for children and for families
  • offer courses and groups to allow people to explore faith
  • we ask people to support each other in faith, prayer, care and fellowship through small groups
  • we believe that if we are as prayerful as possible, and party as much as possible, then:
    • we will become a place many people want to be
    • we will live out a gospel of affirming love and caring joy
    • we will create space for God to do the converting

We seek to be a transforming resource, and therefore:

  • believe God's desire is to see all his creation and people, loved, cared for and brought to him
  • believe our calling is to work with God to transform the world as God wants 
  • believe in striving to make church a place where all are safe
  • try to be open to the whole local community
  • believe we must love, support and welcome most those whom other find hardest to love
  • work in partnership with many Nettleham and Lincolnshire charities and organisations
  • work with partner organisations who exist to bring relief internationally
  • are not afraid to speak out for the poor and disadvantaged
  • believe in challenging exploitation and violence
  • believe in changing society and attitudes for the benefit of the weakest and poorest
  • feel a duty to call out hypocrisy, callousness, self-centredness and deceit
  • are prepared to be political if that's what the gospel dictates
We are part of Lincoln Diocese which has declared some key strategic objectives.  You can see them by clicking here.

The Church of England has identified five marks of mission, to which we try to respond in a distinctively prayerful, sacramental and radical way. See them by clicking here.