Thinking about coming to All Saints?

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Maybe you've just moved to the area. Maybe you have lived here all your life, but been involved in another church or not been to church for a while. Maybe you've never been to church and suspect it may not be for you. Maybe you are from further afield but looking for a particular kind of church and a special kind of worship and a really welcoming community.

Welcome, whoever you are!

We hope our website helps you to find out everything you want to know about our church and the christian faith we seek to live out at All Saints.

We find people are often pleasantly surprised!

Visitors often comment on the warmth of the welcome they receive here.  
And the quality of the worship
And the sense of prayer in the medieval stone building
And the quality of the coffee, and sometimes, the sheer quantity of cake!

We would love to welcome you too.

What is distinctive about All Saints?

We are the Parish Church for the large (4,500) village of Nettleham. But we don't feel like a village church, except in the sense of community, welcome and joining in.

Our worship is rather richer than you'd find in most places outside cities and large towns.

We are part of the Church of England, but specifically we belong to the part that centres its life around the Eucharist (Holy Communion/Mass); that underpins all it does with regular prayer; that reads a huge amount of scripture according the lectionary; and involves many parishioners in music, serving, reading, praying, welcoming; that takes everyone as they are.
Our clergy and ministers wear the traditional vestments of the church. We love candles, and we occasionally have incense and go for processions around the village, especially at 10.00am. We love actions as much as words. We have excellent music that includes plenty for the congregation. We love children and don't mind if they express themselves. We try to do everything as well as possible when we worship God, but we do it with humour, flexibility and even, sometimes, a respectful informality. That's a bit different and rather lovely.

At 8.30am we are a lot simpler and we try and make it a service where people feel welcome and safe, especially since the pandemic, and so we keep social distancing and other measures in place. We often have other services in the afternoon at 4pm - quiet reflective services, which may also include anointing for healing.  Ours is a busy church all week, with services for toddlers and their grown-ups on Tuesdays, and sacramental worship at 10.00am on Thursdays and 12 noon (BCP) on Fridays. That's a bit different and a bit special.
Our preaching, teaching and praying is a bit different from many Anglican churches. We take it very seriously, and try to stretch the brains of the congregation. Humour, poetry, politics, life-experience, biblical analysis, science and psychology, and tough issues all come into it. We try to use our intellects, our experience and our common sense to understand what the bible, our tradition and the pattern of the church year is telling us. We don't do blood and thunder, and we don't ever condemn anyone, as Jesus said he didn't come to condemn the world. We recognise and respect doubts and we certainly don't have all the answers. We constantly remind ourselves that God made us, then re-made us through Jesus Christ, and his birth, example, teaching, death and resurrection, and even that we are empowered to fulfil God's mission through the power of the Holy Spirit. That's a bit different and a bit special, too.
Our church family and our welcome have no hang-ups and no-one is excluded. People are very relaxed, loving and supportive with each other. Women and men, black and white, gay and straight, young and old, unemployed or professional, broke or loaded, saints or sinners - we make everyone feel welcome. Because we believe we are all made in the image of God; we are all made new through Christ; we are all workers for the kingdom of God on earth through the power of the spirit. No-one should feel they cannot come, are not good enough, are not faithful enough. That's a quite a bit different and really special.

When and where does the church meet?

We are one of the busiest churches in the diocese, with a variety of worship styles, music genres, and types of congregation. All linked together by our confidence in what the church has to offer, the power of the sacraments, and the need to respect people and their intelligence and experience in our preaching and teaching. You should be able to find something to your taste.
Go to our Worship page to see the range of services on offer.

All Saints meets every Sunday at 8.30, 10.00, and alternate Sundays at 4.00.

Morning and Evening Prayer happen every day at 9.00 and 6.00. 
We offer Eucharists with music and rich ceremonial on the major feast days of the church calendar

We are very unusual in offering a musical Eucharist on other days in the evening with choir, hymns  and special ceremony for festivals of Our Lord, St Mary, St Hugh, the Apostles and the writers of the gospels.

Check the calendar - sometimes things change a bit in the holidays and around the great festivals.

Come and join in. You will be very welcome.