Lockdown Eucharists 

We are keeping our tradition of meeting regularly to greet the Lord and each other and to offer praise and thanksgiving to God at the Lord's table.  We are allowed, with great care and in small numbers, to gather to worship together and to offer our sacrifice of praise, and to receive the Blessed Sacrament. However, many cannot for a variety of reasons, and so we will continue to offer a full version of our Eucharistic worship here online. If you live nearby and would like from time to time to receive the sacrament at your front door straight after the service you have watched, please contact us. Do join us in person, or live or later on Facebook, and catch up with worship here.

Sunday Eucharists

Watch most recent Sunday February 28 2021 - Lent 2.   Revd Judy Shaw

Archived services
Watch most recent Sunday 2 August Eighth after Trinity       Revd Thomas Shepherd
Watch most recent Sunday 26 July Seventh after Trinity        Revd. Judy.  Sermon - Teena Twelves.   
Watch a previous Sunday 19 July  Sixth after Trinity.  Bishop Nigel.
Watch a previous Sunday 12 July   Fifth after Trinity.  Revd Judy.  Sermon - Fr Richard

Watch a previous Sunday 5 July    Fourth after Trinity     Father Richard  From All Saints Church
Watch a previous Sunday 28 June    Third after Trinity    Father Richard   
a previous Sunday - 7 June   Trinity Sunday  Father Richard
Watch a previous Sunday 31 May  Holy Eucharist  Pentecost  Father Richard
Watch a previous Sunday 24 May  Easter 7 - Sunday after the Ascension.  Father Richard
Watch a previous Sunday Service. Easter 6.   Father Richard

Weekday Eucharists

Watch Friday 12 June.         BCP    Fr Richard.    St Barnabas 
Watch Thursday 11 June     CW.     Fr Richard.    Corpus Christi with procession
Watch  Friday 5 June            BCP    Revd Thomas Shepherd
Watch Thursday 21 May       CW     Fr Richard      Ascension
Watch Friday 15 May.           BCP.   Revd Thomas Shepherd
Watch Thursday 14 May       CW.    Fr Richard. St Matthias