Accessing Training 

Training in Safeguarding is available online, periodically within the parish and the deanery. 

Who should receive training

Key personnel - clergy and other ministers, Authorised Lay Ministers, Churchwardens, and others working with children and vulnerable adults, people who lead or organise groups that may contain children or vulnerable adults are required to take appropriate courses every three years. Our Safeguarding Officer will make it clear which courses are required and when. These roles also expect periodical checks by the DBS - the Data and Barring Service. They will also need to be carefully recruited by a process called Safer Recruitment.

All volunteers who do things on behalf of the church and who could be expected to play a role in helping to keep the church safe are expected by the National Church, working on the instruction of government and the police, to have basic training in safeguarding. This is so they can spot problems if they arise, deal with queries, be clear about access rights and be part of the vigilance and care that has been so obviously inadequate in some church circles in the past. Categories of volunteer listed by the National Church as expected to undergo training every three years, include:

  • vergers
  • servers
  • welcomers
  • caretakers
  • refreshment helpers
  • shop staff
  • sides-persons
  • PCC members
  • church wardens
  • bell ringers
  • choir members
  • music group members
  • employees of the Diocesan Board of Education or Finance.

Courses provided for all these categories of volunteers by Lincoln Diocese are designated C1&2 Foundation Training. 
Training courses
Training in good safeguarding practice is an essential part of equipping our volunteers with the skills and knowledge to ensure the safety and care of children and vulnerable adults who come into contact with the church.

We offer training at 2 levels, depending on the volunteer role being undertaken.

Basic Awareness Training
This is an e-learning module, which provides a good grounding in the issues relating to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.  It is recommended for all individuals within our church community who need or wish to have a basic awareness of safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults

To access the training module go to: You will need to register, by clicking ‘create new account’ in order to access the training module. 
Once you have registered, click on ‘online courses’, and then go to CO Safeguarding Basic Awareness.

2020 Urgent! 
For new guidance on Mandatory Training in 2020 and access to online modules, visit the Mandatory Training 2020 page.

When you have completed the training course, please let the Parish Safeguarding Officer know that you have done so, by emailing so that we can update our records.

Foundation Training
This training is compulsory for all volunteers who are working with children, young people or vulnerable adults in our church.  We offer this training in a face to face session at regular intervals.  To find out about forthcoming courses, please contact Russ at

 Safeguarding Training should be updated every 3 years.