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What we believe

We believe in a God who always has been and always will be, who imagined and realised all creation, who wants the best for everything and everyone, who is too awesome for shape, time or gender.

We believe in an always God who lived on earth in the person of Jesus Christ, through whom we see what God is really like and what we can be like, and who transcended death so that we can live fully and communicate with the creator through him, whose resurrection ushered in the New Creation of which we are called and empowered to be a part, and who is alive today, especially when we break bread together.

We believe in a God who is inside us, guides, protects, programmes and inspires us, and gives us, both individuals and the church, the power to be Christ's body and God's beloved children.

We believe in God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Creeds and statements of belief

We call the agreed statements of belief in the three persons of God the Creeds.

You can read the most widely agreed statement of belief by clicking here.

Some christians have a much simpler and less abstract set of beliefs which you'll find by clicking here.

Some christians have a very strict set of beliefs about God and our responsibilities as disciples - read their manifesto by clicking here.

The All Saints, Nettleham approach is broadly set out if you click here.

The bible has a great deal to say about the nature of God and wha we may believe. See some of the biblical statements of faith by clicking here.


Spirit of enquiry

If you want to know more you can join:

  • An Alpha Course - exploring ideas about faith with videos, discussion and food

  • An Emmaus Course - going a bit deeper for those who already have ideas, or at least more formed questions!

  • A house group

  • Our Big Issues Discussion Group or a Going Further Group

  • A Youth Group like Saints Alive

Also, you might just come and listen to our sermons or catch them online. Grab one of the ministry team and ask questions.

We may suggest some books - we have a great library in the Parish Centre.

All Saints is for enquiring minds.
So please enquire.