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Latest information about All Saints in the Pandemic

We are gradually re-opening our building, and in this second lockdown, we are open again for some public worship.
You can visit during an hour from 11.00am Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday in order to pray or reflect, light a candle, soak up the atmosphere

Live Streamed Eucharistic worship from church every Sunday at 10.00, Thursday at 10.00 and Friday at 12.00.

Daily Morning Prayer on various platforms.
Eucharistic Devotion, talks, fellowship and a new Lent Course are available online.

Advice is now:

Everyone visiting All Saints for any reason is asked to wear a mask.

Clergy, ministers, visitors, staff, helpers, those coming for prayer, contractors
It is vital we keep the chancel for only those leading or helping with worship, and the vestry for those preparing or handling linen, silverware and bread and wine.

The rules and advice change frequently, so keep a look-out. 

All meetings will be done virtually on Zoom. 

We have made some huge changes. The church looks and feels very different, but we are getting used to it. The Lord is surely in this place. This is none other than the house of God.

The Parish Centre is similarly closed. Shirley, our administrator, is  will soon be working there again and other ministers are using it, safely distanced, as a base for work. No meetings or drop-ins are possible. Contact us by phone if you need anything.

Daily Prayer and Eucharists

Morning Prayer is being offered daily at 9.00 am and you can join in or watch at home:

  Monday        Facebook ASN
  Tuesday       Facebook ASN
  Wednesday Zoom. Followed by a virtual time of fellowship. Get invitation from Revd Teena.  
  Thursday      Zoom.  Get invitation from Sandy and Andy or Shirley
  Friday           Zoom.  Get invitation from Revd Judy and Shirley
  Saturday.      Facebook ASN

The Holy Eucharist is offered on Facebook Live on the All Saints Nettleham page, on Sundays and on Thursdays, Fridays and Festivals. It is streamed from church, and you are currently not allowed to attend in person.

New home communion arrangements for those sheltering.

We are happy to bring Holy Communion to your front door immediately after the 10.00am Eucharist.  Book this by calling Shirley on 01522 931076

Prayer and fellowship

Please keep praying. Our prayer list will be updated and placed on this site as part of GNFN every Sunday. Please make Sunday a particular day of prayer.

We are developing some ways of meeting together online, and as we increase worship in church we shall maintain our online presence. Just being able to see each other and chat whilst "sharing" a cup of coffee in our own places of safety continues to be a huge blessing. We are a caring and loving church community and we must keep that alive, even though  stringent rules will sometimes keep us apart in person. 

Church of England Guidance

If you'd like to read the full Church of England Guidance, it is available by clicking here.

Government advice on avoiding infection.

The advice is that you should stay at home unless you have a legitimate reason to go out.

What should I do to prevent catching and spreading a virus?