covid imageCoronavirus - COVID-19 

Latest information about All Saints in the Pandemic
We've closed our building but we are even busier as a church!
We've loads of online worship and lots of groups are meeting for prayer and for social chats.
Hundreds of people are joining us as we become more prayerful, more caring, closer and more creative disciples.

The Coronavirus has swept through our society both here and around the world.

The Pandemic is partly under control in the UK, but the problem is far from over.
We have made some huge changes. There may be some tiny steps towards opening again but not yet. And it won't be for much, it wont be for many, and we are going to have to be very careful.  We've decided not to use our church for streaming services - better we all find if we share the home to home experience. One person - Fr Richard at the moment - is allowed to go into church alone with great care. He is offering prayer in church for us all, and regularly offering the Holy Eucharist. He rings the bell when worship and prayer starts.

The Parish Centre is similarly closed. Shirley, our administrator, is going in occasionally to check the post and use the photocopier. She is working safely at home with her dog and her husband, on the usual email and telephone number.

Daily Prayer and Eucharists

Morning Prayer is being offered daily, sometimes on Facebook and sometimes on Zoom, by a number of different ministers and parishioners. Evening Prayer is offered privately.  The Holy Eucharist is offered on Facebook Live on the All Saints Nettleham page, on Sundays and on Thursdays, Fridays and Festivals. There is a Worship@4 informal service available on this website, and past Facebook services can be found here as well. We have a bible study, reflection and prayer on Wednesdays at 10.00.   Please email Fr Richard on or Shirley on if you wish that he or others should pray for you or someone else. 

Please keep checking the website.

Prayer and fellowship

Please keep praying. Our prayer list will be updated and placed on this site every Sunday. Please make Sunday a particular day of prayer. We are developing some ways of meeting together online. Just being able to see each other and chat whilst "sharing" a cup of coffee in our own places of safety will be a huge blessing. We are a caring and loving church community and we must keep that alive, even though ever more stringent rules will keep us apart in person. We will find out as soon as possible what permissions might be given for persons fetching food and medicine for people who are on the list of 1.5m people placed in even greater isolation to protect them from infection.

Church of England Guidance

If you'd like to read the full Church of England Guidance, it is available by clicking here.

Government advice on avoiding infection.

The advice is that as far as possible you must stay at home. You may travel to work if that work is on the list of roles that is considered essential. You may go out occasionally to buy food or medical needs, though it is recommended that you should have it delivered. You may take one period of exercise either alone or with a member of your household each day. Otherwise, you must remain at home. The police have powers to stop you if you are about for any other purpose. 

What should I do to prevent catching and spreading a virus?